Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Coffee No Cookie"

3"x3" Mixed media on itty bitty canvas

It's an itty bitty for the series of 100 Coffee Cup paintings. I finished this little guy last night but had a blurry image and decided this one needed to go to sleep.

I've actually photographed this with my iPhone, yes, I just got an iPhone about two months ago. I actually really like the camera on this phone, it's like an 8 mega pixel quality. Just right for a blog photo!

Going into the archives of this blog, I think this little painting is number 46 of the series. Wow, last year at this time I had just finished 40 apple paintings. I'm just a little ahead of last years pace!

Hmmm.... can I get to fifty before tonight at midnight...... that would be four more, hmmmm.....

Oh, and the reason this painting has no cookie... I ate it for breakfast!


1 comment:

Kay said...

haha..wondered what happened to the cookie! wonderful series ..I am enjoying my coffee right cookies sadly for breakfast.Happy New year to you