Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"One for You & One for Me" -Sold

2"x3" acrylic & ink on an itty bitty canvas
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Two more red cups to take to Bonnie's house for coffee. It's really cold up there so she said she would make hot  chocolate with marshmallows also. I think for Myra and others that don't really drink coffee. I guess they pass it up for the sweet taste of chocolate!

It's Christmas week, I hope everyone is doing splendid! I am..... I started three new paintings today. Coffee cups of course and they measure 22" by 30".... yes, it's 1000 times bigger than this one!!!

Page asked how I can paint so small.... well, smaller brushes and many canvases at once, to keep me busy.
On the flip side when painting bigger.... yes, larger brushes and many canvases at once, to keep me busy!

No, I'm not kidding! Remember this image? 
Nine six inch by six inch canvas panels

Have a great evening... Happy Hanukkah!


PS: Does any one know where Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada is located! Okay, I'll google it!


fine art in artful jewelry said...

glad to know that you'll have a great cup of coffee ready for me when i get there this morning. i'll take the big one--it looks stronger!

myra a painter drawn to degas said...

what? did you say that i don't drink coffee? i'm drinking a pot of it right now! i love this painting - it looks like hot chocolate with marshmellows on a snowy day! it makes me want to put marshmellows in my coffee - okay maybe not - but it's another great one in your series!!!!!

JanettMarie said...

Oh Myra! It's nice that you could join Leigh and I for coffee this morning!
I misunderstood about you and coffee! Hmmm... there I go thinking again! Way too silly of me!

Angela said...

I'll take two lumps. Love them. Thanks for sharing.

JanettMarie said...

Two lumps it is!
So glad you joined us Angela!

PrairieJill said...

Hmm, I could have sworn I left a comment here yesterday, but now I don't see it. (A senior moment??!!) I'll try again: love these mugs - they're so festive! I also love the snowman from your last post! Happy Holidays and best wishes for a very Happy New Year!!

Bonnie Heather said...

Anytime you want to come visit Kelowna bc canada we have the room. :D