Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Rouault's Coffee"

11"x15" oil media on paper

Kind of a this and that view of a coffee cup. The oil media I used on this painting was the water soluble oil paint, then I got a little more crazy and got out the oil paint sticks. After that... I'm not sure what I did! Just painted! I think I mixed regular oil paint in there too!

Today, I think I learned something about myself. When I get stuck or bored with what I'm painting I just change mediums! Keeps me mixed up just enough to keep my attention...

This is number 77!

I just updated the name of this painting to "Rouault's Coffee", I'm sure that if he were painting coffee cups this is what it might look like! (Thanks Martha V)


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myra anderson said...

i love your adventurous ways with the composition, the texture and the colors. i feel as you do - that i should have again - an adventurous mix of media on the canvas. can you show me the oil sticks? i have never tried them before. maybe that's a way that I can go. when it comes to watercolor on paper what different things might you add to that watercolor to give it some snap, crackle and pop?