Monday, March 5, 2012

"ICB Expresso" -Sold

12"x12" Mixed media on canvas

This painting was inspired by an expresso I had last Saturday at the Indy Cigar Bar (ICB). Cory put a lemon twist in the drink, he said it is very "French" this way. Wish you could hear how he said it, it was very French!

Myra, Indianapolis is okay and so is jM. A friend of ours, family lives in Henryville and that town was devastated. All of Brad's family and cousins are accounted for and okay, thank goodness!

This is coffee cup painting number 71....     : )     Oh.... blue skies.....



hmuxo said...

gorgeous blues! beautifully painted!
So glad everyone is well and not affected by the tornadoes!!

fine art in artful jewelry said...

#71 is a beeeooootiful cup! hmmmm...would you be game to auctioning art to benefit henryville? how would we do that? ebay??? just a thought....people lost everything.

Angela said...

Love the depth of this and the color of that blue