Monday, May 14, 2012

Coffee Cup Paintings Finale!

42" x 42" acrylic on canvas

Okay, sorry for the delay, we need to get this party going! This painting of the splashy red coffee cup on this black background is a huge 42 inches by 42 inches! I think... I forgot to measure it today : )  This is painting number 98 of the 100 coffee cup paintings and is titled "Rouge Jackson (aka 'Party Boy')"! This big guy was hanging out on the floor in my studio and everyone that walked by said "Wow, I love this!", so I signed it and called it finished! Photographing it was my big delay for posting, oops.

Ready for number 100? This one too came as a result of viewers passing by.......

Give me a minute, I'll show it to you!



martinealison said...

Je crois que là, tu avais bu une sacrée dose de café noir !!!... Les lignes sont explosives.
Gros bisous

JanettMarie said...

You have that right Martine! I would say about 98 cups of black coffee before this one!