Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa 2-"Oh, Rudolph!"

8"x6" Oil on canvas panel.

When I started painting this, all I could see was Santa out here looking for Rudolph. Time for Christmas Rudolph! I added the white dots at the end. First they were stars, then I thought, oh, maybe it's starting to snow. I guess they can be what ever we want them to be! I love that about painting!

A big "thank you" to Carolyn, she gave me the nudge that I needed today, to get this painting finished!

How long have I been working on it, or I mean at it? Well, since I purchased a couple of "pot belly" Santa ornaments a couple weeks ago from Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, when I painted the snowman with the kids! That was Sunday, December 2nd!
Frazee Snowman!
Hopefully, I will get the next one finished in a more timely manner.  : )



Connie Nobbe said...

Your santa is adorable. And I love the snowman paintings that the children are holding up! They did a wonderful job. Can I watch you teach a cookies and canvas class sometime?

Lisa Graham said...

What a fun Santa! Good work friend!

fine art in artful jewelry said...

oooo Jm, santa is taking on a new aura! good job! BTW santa is a 'spirit'!

hmuxo said...

This is such a "fun" painting. Wonderful vibrant colors as it should be!! Love it!