Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Sweet Itty Bitty" -Sold

It's another "Itty Bitty"! This 3x2 is a funny little rendition of a manhattan with a cherry, that... is so slightly taking on the shape of a heart. The stem of the glass doesn't quite match up, but maybe after a couple of these drinks, it may find it's match. Then again, drinking may only make matters worse.

Hearts to you!



Last Cup Of Coffee said...

looks wonderful! love the heart-shaped cherry!

Kathleen O'Neil Stevens said...

so cute!

leigh dunnington-jones said...

love the teeny weeny ones! this one is great!

Susie Q said...

Hey Darlin, decided to take your advice and try to get a blog started...only opened it haven't done anything to it yet....will get there:)