Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Kathleen's Red Cup"

Mixed media on old book page
Here we are, another page out of the old book.

I received a nudge from Myra last Friday, asking me "where are you!". Basically, she was asking if I was still painting or just being a slug on a log!

I was in Cleveland, OH for a family reunion, in a hotel, but I had my book and a few painting materials with me. So! On Saturday night I did a quick start of this red coffee cup.
I found this cup in Kathleen's free stuff pile when she moved studio's last Spring. It has a little chip in it but I've glued the piece back in place and it's almost good as new.

I love that red. Kathleen has some pretty red hair too, so it only makes sense to me to be Kathleen's red cup. Well, this is a simple version for now but I have a feeling, things are going to get a little more involved and complicated here!

Thanks for the nudge Myra!!

PS: I received a gift cup today from Carol and it's her birthday! Hmmm... chocolate chips! Cookies...


myra DRAWN to paper . . . said...

great cup! I love it! I want to read that book! glad you had fun at the reunion! (ps - I was going to call you next . . . and then I was going to send the helicopters out - now I know that you're just out there havin' fun! enjoy!)

Harry Sandler said...

I am liking this change of pace J.....look forward to seeing more

fine art in artful jewelry said...

wish i could be as productive a slug as you!