Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Tyger & Coffee"

Mixed media on old book page
This morning, Tyger and I were having our coffee. He asked if I could get some tuna flavored coffee. He is quite serious about this request, he really likes tuna.

Later, he asked if I was serious about inviting Myra and her dog Tiny for coffee. I didn't say anything. I'll let Tyger chew on this thought for a while, it is a long drive from Texas. And, I don't know if Tiny can drive a car!

From this image it looks like Tyger has the magical cup. It's floating! I may go back into this sketch or I just may do another... or both!

I'm enjoying this old book sketching. Who knows, one of these images may turn into a painting yet!



myra anderson said...

cuter than cute! great cup and cat!!! Tiny LOVES a car ride!!

JanettMarie said...

I told Tyger that Tiny is coming over for coffee. I can't tell from his expression if he's happy or mad! I told him the he and Tiny are the same size!

Itaya Art said...

LOL! Love your dialogue with Tiger and this painting. :) I love your paintings on book pages! I've been experimenting with this as well. You really inspire me to stay with it and see what else I can create on old book pages. :)