Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Healthy 66"

Oh no! I didn't put gold paint or gold leaf in this one... the ground on the right side is kind of golden, does that count?

The symbols at the top are Japanese or Chinese, I need to check, but I believe it means health!

Well, everyone, here's to our health! What is the saying... "An apple a day keeps the.... "

Stay healthy! Eat apples and drink water!



Kathy Cousart said...

Yes, the gold ground counts! Great job- very interesting with the calligraphy.

myra anderson said...

very different and unique! love those colors!

JanettMarie said...

I watched a Bob Burridge video and he was saying something like... making (or painting) something you've never seen before and I thought that was a great idea!
Don't know if I did it but hey it's worth the try!
Thanks again for the input, I need it, we all need it...well as far as I can tell we artists need it! : )

Lydia Burris said...

Awesome piece!!
At first (seeing the image in a small thumbnail), I thought the lines at top were buildings - I can somewhat imagine you combining the two visuals. ;)

fine art in artful jewelry said...

this one's been incubating for a while! isn't it funny how you gather and gather information, and suddenly stuff gels together? and you're off in a new direction!

myra anderson said...

where are you and what are you doing? i want pictures!!