Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Where To Next?" Shopping

An itty bitty shopping trip! This is Myra, Bonnie and I on a shopping trip. We are purchasing art materials and props of course!
We are thinking about traveling to France to visit Martine, have her show us all of the great pastry shops and introduce us to Leo, the toucan!

What fun to travel the world via computers and imaginations!

The colors in this itty bitty are a lot brighter than portrayed here. The hot pink did not come through photographically.... hmmm. Another one of those, "you need to see it in person!"



Bonnie Heather said...

Oh I love shopping! So glad I could join you, lol. Let me know when you plan on visiting Martine, I'll start collecting my pennies.

leigh said...

hey, what about me! i must be standing right behind myra, and you can't see me!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Love it! It looks all bouncy and fun...just like you guys :-) Give me a call when you stop for a cappuccino!

myra anderson said...

i love to watch historical korean dramas online and some taiwanese movies because i love to hear the language. i watched a movie in french and french is the most BEAUTIFUL language to listen to! i would love to visit Martine and speak with that beautiful accent - she can then of course take me to the museum to see DEGAS!!!!! i think that EVERYONE ELSE who wants to go is standing behind me too!!!

JanettMarie said...

Oh Myra! the line is getting longer for the trip to France! How do I paint all those people in there?

Wait... if you look really hard... I can see their shadows!