Saturday, February 26, 2011

"The Queen Victoria" -Sold

Here she is "The Queen Victoria", apple painting number 69 and theoretically the last of the golden apple sub-series. Though I have three apple paintings on my work table with gold paint on them.... the series may be extended just a little bit. Who makes the series rules anyway? Oh, yea, I get to when it comes to this project! It's good to be a princess!

The Hudsons Golden Gem apples came from Wild's Apple Farm/County Line Orchard, I think it is around Bloomington, IN. I vaguely recall a sign along the road as we travel to and from Bloomington. Hmm... but then again a google search indicates an orchard up around the Chicago area, which is North, I'm lost! I do know the apple was very tasty and I will look for it again next Fall!

Did I tell you why this is "The Queen Victoria"? My sister Victoria graduated in 1969! It only makes sense to me!


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leigh said...

it IS good to be a princess! especially an artist princess---you can do or make anything you please! just like a queen victoria apple! cool artist!