Monday, April 9, 2012

"Bring in the Clowns"

7"x5" aquamedia on paper

No coffee cup here, but I think they are headed to the coffee shoppe!

Martine, I hope you got your big cup of coffee!

Maybe all of us USA artists could meet Martine for coffee in Paris... or maybe Martine could meet all of us USA artists for coffee at Myra's condo! Or we could all meet here in Indianapolis.... the Indy 500 is coming up.... or.... maybe I should just go to sleep and dream about my next coffee cup painting!

Hope to have a new one to show you tomorrow!



fine art in artful jewelry said...

i love your figures the most! this one really speaks to me.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

I love the abstract qualities and the colors! I think we should FIRST meet in paris the home of impressionism. then we can meet in indy 'the home of the deep fried waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar with a slice of ham and eggs over medium on the side - and of course coffee!' Who's with me??!

Carole said...

Clowns usually make me nervous but these two make me smile. I've got the coffee pot on.....drop by sometime!

JanettMarie said...

It sounds like the coffee party/trip is on!

Let's go!

Carole invited us to her house too! : )

Lisa Graham Art said...

If you're going to Paris...I'm in.

Janett!!!! These figures are just plain fun! I am sure the coffee shop is where they are going...they are doing a couples hustle as they go.