Sunday, April 15, 2012

"It's Saturday Night" -Sold

16"x12" mixed media on canvas

There are a few cups on the painting table, but in the mean time, I have this painting.
I think this is what we did last night, at least we pretended to do this!!

Tis painting has fine green glitter on it for the middle figure's fancy jacket... just right for Saturday Night!



Anne said...

Beautiful! Lovely blog! I have just discovered you, and I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥

martinealison said...

Une sorte de tango... Une peinture bien rythmée, rien de mieux pour un samedi soir, n'est-ce pas?...
Gros bisous

Jane said...

Wonderful and festive painting, great energy here !

Carole Reid said...

Great energy in this painting. I should dance more.

Lisa Graham said...

Those two know how to rock a dance floor. Love how you paint people with so much movement.

JanettMarie said...

Dancing is good. A disguised form of exercise!
Yes, I should dance more too!
Thanks my friends.....cups, cups, coffee cups!

myra anderson said...

lovely colors...looks like a jazz band!