Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Center of Attention"

22"x30" mixed media on paper

Well, this one certainly had my attention for a long time and... it still does!

This is coffee cup painting number 83 and it is a big one at 22 inches by 30 inches. Hmm, that may look very nice above Myra's sofa! Yes, right next to....

Another coffee cup tomorrow Martine!

Myra, I hope you're okay after those tornadoes that messed up Dallas this time.... I really dislike tornadoes, a lot.



martinealison said...

Chic alors ! je prépare le café ? Fort , allongé ?... Moi fort !
Cette "83" est forte en couleurs et j'aime ça !
Elle est un peu semblable à une tornade, non ? Je ne sais pas si tu ne lirais pas dans le marc de café !!!
Gros bisous

Bobbi Heath said...

I love this one especially, Janett. Delicious colors, lovely texture, and an interesting point of view.

I can't believe this is #83. What will I do when there are no more coffee cups in my morning email?

like a sunflower in a pickle jar said...

wow! this is beautiful and lovely and would look really good in my new apartment!!! Yes, the tornadoes passed really close by - there were sirens all around - Tiny and I were prepared to go into the bathroom with blankets to protect from flying debris. What was I doing will waiting for that one moment where you 'gotta go now?' I was trying to draw this ballerina 'just right'. fortunately it passed us by . . . fortunately there was loss of property by many but no loss of life. Thankful!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

hey - that previous comment was by me - Myra. Don't worry - I'm not over there - it was just something I was trying out!! I love your flower painting below too!!

JanettMarie said...

Thank goodness, you're okay!!

Martine is right about the tornado, must have been on my mind when I painted this!

JanettMarie said...

Thanks Bobbi,

Oh, when these coffee cups are finished you will be surprised by what will be in your morning mail!

Whoo hooo!!!