Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Red Hot Coffee" -Sold

12"x12" mixed media on canvas

Okay this little guy is number 90! Whoo hoo! Oh my goodness, they are getting tougher to title too!

Luckily, John Kirchner from down the hall stopped in my studio just in time to help with titling this little guy. 

Bonnie Heather had made a comment earlier in the week about one of these coffee cup paintings being very ... did she say luscious? Like juicy, yes? Well, this one is also very luscious, heavily applied paint and yes it was fun! A girl has got to have fun!

Oh where oh where is number 91? Watch for it!



Last Cup Of Coffee said...


martinealison said...

Oh oui!!! c'est bien de celle-ci dont j'ai besoin ce matin... Je suis arrivée tard hier soir après de longues heures de route (+de 13h)...
Une oeuvre qui me vivifie en l'admirant...
Bon d'accord, je m'en vais à présent à la cuisine me confectionner une bonne tasse de café!
gros bisous

Angela said...

This one just sizzles... Ooh La La