Monday, January 27, 2014

"Oh My Goodness" and "Myra's Sunglasses". -Sold & Sold

"Oh My Goodness"  8"x6" oil on canvas panel
"Oh My Goodness" is what I image this Santa is saying right now. This is a painting I started last year sometime and never got 'round to finishing it. Tonight I did and I think "Oh My Goodness" is what I'm saying too!

Another painting that was started, hmmm, I'd say in the beginning of November last year, I finished today too! Wow, two finished, I was aiming to finish three, but things changed on me today and I'll have to go for it tomorrow again. 

Here is "Myra's Sunglasses". For some reason while painting this one I was thinking about Myra...then all of a sudden the phone rang and it was Myra! Fun.
"Myra's Sunglasses"  6"x6" oil on canvas
My goodness red and pinks are hard to photograph. I'm not sure that Myra wears hats like this but she is from Texas!

These two paintings catch me up to 27 paintings finished for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge!

Good night Gracie...



Lisa Graham Art said...

Your Santa turned out marvelous and I love Myra's Sunglasses. Myra is pretty cool. I don't know if she wears hats, but I am willing to bet she wears ballet shoes and polka dots!

Your flowers paintings are divine JanettMarie. You're almost done!

myra anderson said...

LOL! I do indeed wear hats AND with flowers! I LOVE THIS!! it IS amazing - right now I'm wearing a hat and doing a drawing with stripes AND polka dots!

Miz Katie said...

:))) I love your Santa and Myra painting!!