Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Orange Roughy"

"Orange Roughy"  8"x6" oil on canvas panel
Was a rough day for this painting today. I did a little experimenting, some good, some not so good, or maybe... just different.

Here is a view of the first part of my experiment. I used complimentary colors as an underpainting for this flower. I wasn't sure what compliment to use for the whitish background, so I used raw sienna.
under painting using compliments
Then, for some reason I got carried away with the gel medium that I was using and it seemed like the paint got really soupy on me. I had this before I broke out the painting knife!
Just before the paint knife came out.
I suppose this wasn't that bad, it just seemed a little boring to me, so I knifed it up!

I'm calling this painting number 25 of my thirty. Yesterday I painted twice, once in the morning for Cookies & Canvas and again later that night for Wine & Canvas. I posted the Cookies & Canvas painting on Leslie Saeta's site as painting 24. I decided being just one behind is still okay.

Oh, here is my "Cookies" painting from yesterday. Cute, huh? Sorry this guy is not for sale.
"Snow Friends"  14"x11" acrylic on canvas
How about a photo of all the painters last night? I'll tell you what, we had a great time!

Oh, that's my painting you can see in the monitors!

Hope to chat with you tomorrow.



myra anderson said...

love all the paintings and photos! your rose is so beautiful!

myra anderson said...

love your colorful lady on your facebook page!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Love your art. This looks like such a good time.

JanettMarie said...

Thanks Nicole, it is a good time!
Myra's painting with me next time, I hope!