Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two more roses... -both Sold

"January Rose 1"  14.5 in x 11 in  Oil on paper  -Sold*
The first of three rose paintings I started today. After seeing the photo of this, I may go back into it again tomorrow, we'll see. I didn't really use a live model for this, I used my larger brush and a no pressure attitude. Loose baby, loose.

Here is "January Rose 2" not quite finished, but it will be tomorrow!
"January Rose 2"   14.5 in. by 11 in.  Mixed media on paper
Hmmm, this doesn't look too bad maybe I'll leave it as it is....
I didn't leave it here it is finished...
"January Rose 2"  oil on paper
I discovered today that PV19 for Gamblin Oil paint and PV19 for Winsor Newton are different colors, I was taught that they should be the same. Someone has some explaining to do. And then, I go to the Gamblin website and they have PV19 for Quinacridone Red and Quinacridone Violet, goodness, guess I can't rely on the PV numbers anymore.
Winsor Newton PV19 and Gamblin PV19 with white added
Enough of that boring stuff, I'm going to sleep so I can finish painting these roses tomorrow!

Good Night!
PS:  I opened an Etsy Shop today, gonna give it a go with my small paintings.


Lisa Graham Art said...

You are creating some wonderful roses!

I like the ease of Etsy...it is hard to get traffic because it's so congested, but not impossible with a little attention.

Loretta Gragnani said...

I love your roses! The lucious brush strokes are very expressive and adds excitement to your work. I can sympathize with you about the pigment identification numbers, I've gone that route myself, so unreliable in some cases.

hmuxo said...

This is such a beautiful rose.. rich in color... Roses are winners..so the best of luck with Etsy!!!

myra anderson said...

beautiful roses! welcome to etsy!!

Angela Sullivan said...

Wow! These are beautiful. Love those colors.