Sunday, January 5, 2014

So much for two today...

"January Four"    8"x6" mixed media on canvas panel
I worked on several paintings at a time today and almost did't finish one! I'm not even sure if this one should be considered finished. Maybe tomorrow will be my day to finally get caught up, time will tell. And yes, I'm surprise with this painting, I had no idea... can you tell?

Oh, I thought I would show you how much snow is in our front yard.

When was the last time I trudged through snow that was almost up to me knees in Indiana? It's been a while and now it's 6ºF and windy like 30 mph, feels like -15ºF. Nope, I'm not going outside!

We will see what tomorrow brings.

1 comment:

myra anderson said...

hey snow bunny! I love the colors and abstract quality of this painting! Is this a martini with olives balancing on a . . .? help me out here! I'm trying to see within . . .