Monday, January 6, 2014

Two Nutcrackers and a revision...

"Drummin' Up"   4"x2" acrylic on canvas
What better way to catch up then by painting two itty bitty paintings of nutcrackers! Yes, this guy is drummin' up all kinds of things to do. The Nutcrackers are fun to paint but yet take time because of all the intricate buttons and buckles and details nutcrackers have.

Here is painting number six, a nutcracker carrying a flag so I call him "Flag Man".
"Flag Man"   4"x2" acrylic on canvas
One more painting I have to share is a new version of yesterday's painting. I just couldn't leave it alone. I think I can now.
"January Four" v2   8"x6" mixed media on canvas panel
Well, I'm gonna take a break now and report again tomorrow.

Stay warm....



myra anderson said...

love those colors you great colorist!

hmuxo said...

I had a pastel workshop today which I chose not to go because you have to be very brave to go out in this weather!!! I understand Indiana had very bad weather as well!!! I really look forward to Springtime!!! And I LOVE, LOVE these two nutcrackers...
Beautiful rich colors!!