Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Four Fifty Nine Time" ---#9

16"x12" oil on canvas 
The time has come to shake up the martini and forget about work. Where's the cigar? I forgot the cigar.
Oh, I forgot the cigar.   : (   Next time, a cigar.

Painting number nine in the 30 paintings in thirty days series. This painting has also been on the easel for a while. Today, I decided it was time to just finish it. I even put some oil pastel on here because the need to draw is strong right now. I tried a little paint knifing, but I need to work on that technique more. I'm sure there is a technique, I just haven't found it yet. Patience, right?

Chat again tomorrow.  Or is it chatter?  : )



Last Cup Of Coffee said...

beautiful painting! wonderful color! you know what goes good with a martini? hot wings with ranch dressing and celery sticks!!

hmuxo said...

Excellent! love that pink!