Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Manhattan Night" ---#29 -Sold

8"x6"x1.5" mixed media on canvas
Oh my goodness, what happened to Wednesday! May have been that "Manhattan Night". Just kidding, I had a pretty busy day yesterday and this painting was not ready to post. Some things take time.  : )

This little guy is not quite the 4 foot by 2 foot painting. It is the warm up for the larger painting. This little 8 inch by 6 inch gave me a chance to experiment with some of the techniques and materials that I want to use with the larger painting. Maybe February will be "Big Painting Month".

I have one more spot left on the sheet of paper of martini paintings. I have the last one started and I will photograph the full page of 8 before I individualize them (tear them apart).

More later!



hmuxo said...

VERY nice, Janet!!

Angela Sullivan said...

Pretty as a picture (so to speak).