Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Martha's Tip Top Lemontini" ---#28 -Sold

4"x2" mixed media on canvas
This is the last tall itty bitty canvas that I have, so it's time to make 'em large. Paintings that is.

Martha had a Lemontini a couple weeks ago at the Tip Top Tavern, I have a photo of the martini. It doesn't look exactly like this, but I did use the photo for inspiration. Does that count?

Today I started working on a couple larger paintings. I hope to share one of those with you tomorrow.

Two more days to make thirty!


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Lisa Graham Art said...

Yes that counts and this is gorgeously colored! For some reason you have not been showing up in my feeder thing so I rejoined your site...I can't figure out why it would let me join it again, but it did. We will see if this works. Happy painting!