Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Myra's Martini" ---#15

7"x5" mixed media on paper
Martini for a Wednesday. Really it's left over from the weekend because it's almost empty. Because it's almost empty is not why I titled it "Myra's Martini". I gave it that title because, I started out painting and I was just a little stumped on what to do. I thought, "What would Myra do?" Stripes and dots! Of course dots. I made dots with the lid of the water I was drinking. I made dots with the tube of paint I was using. I even made dots with my finger. I used an eraser on a pencil, then I used the pencil to scribble around a bit. You know, I did it again, I had fun.

Hope you have a fun Wednesday.



Last Cup Of Coffee said...

i love it! it's colorful, impressionist and abstract all at the same time! and yes - that is my process - first I do martinis - then I do dots - lots of dots!

hmuxo said...

Love the dots in Myra's martini, Janet!!! A fun painting!!