Thursday, January 3, 2013

"What's for Dinner" ---#2

4"x2" oil on canvas
Number 2 of the Leslie Saeta January 30 challenge!

As I painted along on this one, I kept thinking "How can I make this more interesting, it's so boring?" Then I thought of Myra Anderson and her dots and circles and triangles. I thought of Carol Marine, she puts dots in paintings. You know a lot of artists use dots! Why not! Dots!

I read Leslie's blog post for today and it was very encouraging. She talked about how cool it is to have over 250 artists with the same goal, painting to finish a painting in a day. Yes, that is cool. And also the fact that so many are moving out of their comfort zones to do this! Welcome to the challenge Connie Nobbe! Our main objective is to have fun. Okay, I'm off to have some more fun!



myra anderson said...

hey JM! wonderful painting! love the dots! can't wait to see more about your contemporary art site!!

Jessica said...

wow I'm amazed! I love it! :)

jessica (sketchesofwords)

hmuxo said...

You're doing good!!! Dots are good!!

Angela Sullivan said...

Ooh cool use of red green and yellow