Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Tuesday's Martini" ---#14

7"x5" mixed media on paper
Mmm, a good day for a martini, mmm. Okay, everyday is a good day for a martini. Uh oh, I forgot the cigar again, uh oh, forgot the pick for the olive, uh oh, it's okay.

This painting started out with brushing on the paint, well, no, first I brushed on the drawing of the martini with India ink. The India ink is what makes this a mixed media piece, small detail, right? My Mom would say, "No big deal kid." So, brushed on the India ink, let that dry, brushed on acrylic paint and then I got a little more adventurous, I used paint knives. Yes, used the paint knives to add texture and create an interesting look. Keep practicing JanettMarie, keep practicing.

When I did the India ink drawing, I actually painted 8 different drawings on one big sheet of gessoed Fabriano watercolor paper. I'll show you this below and let you guess which one is "Tuesday's Martini". The one you see in color in the photo below is "Monday's Manhattan", the red cherry gives it away.

Oh what will tomorrow bring? Yes, I'll be surprised too, I'm sure.
Enjoy your day!



Connie Nobbe said...

Number 8?

JanettMarie said...

Yes, that is correct. You are good!
Thanks for the great review of the C&C class. : )

hmuxo said...

Beautiful colors, Janet!! Another winner..