Monday, January 14, 2013

"Monday Manhattan" ---#13

7"x5" mixed media on paper
It's a little mixture of india ink, oil pastel and oil paint on paper. Yes, I wouldn't drink it on a Monday morning, but I can paint one!

This is number 13 of the thirty paintings, number 12 is still on the painting table but will be finished later today. I remember the guidelines for this challenge requiring us to "have fun", I'm all for that! That being said, I'll have a little fun and mix it up! Even if it is a mixed up manhattan. I know, don't become a comedian JanettMarie.

Have a great day everyone and later you will see what one usually drinks on a Monday morning.



Pattie Wall said...

Hey JanettMarie - bold color and that colorfulness that greats a Monday just fine in my book! I hear ya on having fun - that's what it should be all about, got hung up on my painting for yesterday, gonna loosen back up today. Paint on!

myra anderson said...

i love it!

Jay Neal said...

Love it!