Friday, January 4, 2013

"One Please" ---#3 -Sold

4"x2"oil on canvas
One olive please, the others jumped ship! This is my last martini for the moment, though I had the crazy thought of painting 30 of these itty bitty martini's, just because I want to see what it looks like to see all thirty at once. They're so small they're cute!

I did go out and purchase a big 48"x24" canvas to paint a big martini. I thought after I have all the little studies painted, I could choose one (or two, or three) to go big!

I'll keep you updated.



myra anderson said...

wow! love it! love the abstract quality of the painting as well! that large canvas sounds like an exciting adventure! how about some progression photos!

hmuxo said...

Very nice, Janet!! I love the background as well.

Angela Sullivan said...

Oh so cute