Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Girl Talk" ---#4

8"x6" mixed media on canvas panel
More dots, a little bit of glitter, mostly acrylic, "Girl Talk".

It's not a martini, but I think they may have a martini later!

This painting was started... wow, last year sometime. It has been sitting around my studio for a while.  I knew there was something there but I couldn't seem to find it. It made me think about what Myra and I were talking about earlier this week. Use up the materials we already have. I have quite a few paintings started, it may be time to finish a few!

Thanks Leigh, Myra and Leslie, for getting me back to the painting mode. I hope it stays for a while!

Have a great Saturday everyone!



leigh said...

Go girl! Love this, times a million!

Fay Terry said...

Terrific painting, Janett. I love the color and texture and energy that it radiates. So far the challenge has been great and very motivating.

hmuxo said...

I love this one...!!! Wonderful colors..I'll have to start listening to Myra as well...I have a lot in my room that needs to be used up!!

Angela Sullivan said...

This is absolutely stunning. Lovin those colors.