Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Am I A WineSap? Apple #47"

Even though I've been using a Red Delicious as a model, when I placed paint on the original 10 pieces of paper some of the shapes came out a little more rounded than others. They are what they are and this one seems to say Winesap to me, would you agree leigh?

Winesap's are used for cooking pies and desserts I believe... so I had to post a little sketch of just the person that may be able to bake a little pie for us.
From what I can tell, her expression seems to say "Why yes, I'll cook something up for you!"

Wow, I better open my windows wider when I spray the fixative on my sketches, I'm getting a little delirious!



fine art in artful jewelry said...

winesap it is! we need martha to make the pie!!

martinealison said...

Je veux bien venir déguster une part de tarte aux pommes...
Surtout cuisinée avec amour et avec vos pommes aux mille couleurs.

JanettMarie said...

We will have an apple pie party!
Everyone should come, especially Martha with the pie!

Nous aurons une partie tarte aux pommes!
Tout le monde devrait venir, en particulier avec Martha la tarte! : )