Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Small Manhattan"

Oh, we haven't seen this subject in a while! This is an itty bitty 3"x3" oil on canvas.

She wasn't in today but I could hear leigh's voice in my head "stop!" it's an itty bitty! Didn't want to overwork it, well, I didn't. From this photo I can see I could have added a tiny reflection to the martini glass stem, but alas, it is now in the record books. Maybe tomorrow I will add it.... maybe... speaking of adding things... I did add a little something to Apple #52 as I said I would... here it is:
Added the "52" on the right side, I think it helped balance out the painting... this painting is 6"x6" mixed media on paper... remember?

Thought for the day, know when to STOP!

Have a great day!



leigh dunnington-jones said...

go girl! i like your order of things! apple , apple, martini!
apple. know when to stop. maybe another apple. love the addition of the numbersin 52!

martinealison said...

Vous aiguisez mon regard avec ce grand feu d'artifice de couleurs... Bisous