Sunday, January 30, 2011

This has potential... "First Attempt"

How about this crazy little painting, it is acrylic on gessoed paper and I think it is 6"x9", I forgot to measure it. With this little painting I had no intention or expectation. I just painted and tried, I say tried to keep my left mind out of it. I would let my arm go to a color and then just lay it down on the paper. I actually painted the majority of this image in the vertical and this is the way I'm posting it, horizontal.... hmmm.

I'm trying to put together a movie of my painting this, but it is far too lengthy right now to post, oh imovie woes. It is like 18 minutes long after cutting out a lot, maybe I need to cut out a lot more!

Have a nice day! Think warm if it's cold where you reside.


1 comment:

Catherine Jeffrey said...

I like it...edgy, bright, exciting.