Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Shiny Enough to Eat" Apple #52 -Sold

"Shiny Enough to Eat", yes, it's a shiny red apple, oh number 52, it's all about you! Oh, I think I see something I need to add.... I'll show the revision tomorrow!

Last night, I was having pizza and a micro brew with a friend at a new restaraunt in BroadRipple. My friend really like the look of this girls hair, she was across the bar from us. I told Michael that I could do a quick sketch. Here is my quick sketch:
We found out her name as we were leaving... is this how Michael intends to pick up girls? Just kidding!

I hope to do a little painting of this.... apples, apples, maybe she needs an apple in her hand!

Have a great weekend!


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fine art in artful jewelry said...

shiny apple and a lovely sketch. things just keep popping out of you! go goil