Friday, January 21, 2011

"Apple #51"

Oh, "Apple #51"... not perfect, but is anyone perfect? Let's hope not! I think Carol Marine just discussed that. This is really one mixed medium painting... I started out with the acrylic, then oil sticks then ink pencils, and finally I finished with a touch of oil paint because nothing else was sticking on top of the oil sticks. It was truly a learning experience.The majority of this painting is acrylic but.... it is mixed up... and I had fun mixing...what a result...  oh yes, I did use my fingers to mix and blend here and there! Love it!

Happy weekend!



martinealison said...

Elle me paraît aussi savoureuse et belle à regarder... Bisous

JanettMarie said...

Merci Martine! Je suis toujours en attente de Martha pour cuire la tarte aux pommes pour nous!

(Thanks Martine! I'm still waiting for Martha to bake the apple pie for us!)