Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Apple #43"

Apple Number 43! Is it Monday? It feels like Monday.

Today, I started 10 new apple paintings. All 6" x 6" on paper. They will eventually be mounted to a panel and they will all be mixed media as this one is.

Yesterday I purchased a few Winsor & Newton Artists' Oilbar's. I couldn't stand it I had to try them out today, so I used them just a little in the apple paintings. Don't know what is going to happen I used oil on top of acrylic then put acrylic on top of the oil. Hopefully they will all get along. Time will tell.

The intention for the oilbars (or sticks) is to  use them for bigger paintings. The sticks are 1/2" in diameter so it's not a detailer for 6" x 6" paintings. I think they will have to be used for the Huge Apple painting that has been at the back of my mind for some time now. Thanks Myra for the nudge in the big apple painting direction. It only makes sense that I should create one as big as the coffee cup!

Talk with you Friday!



Bonnie Heather said...

This apple looks intriguing. I know you can use oil over acrylic but the other way is not advised. I haven't seen the oil sticks... they sound like fun. I'm going to have to look for them. Cool background.

the art of the dance is like chocolate said...

love this painting! your comment on that video was right on! you expressed what I was feeling! thank you. how do you like the oil bar sticks? is it like using oil paint?

the art of the dance is like chocolate said...

i just love the texture and the little flecks of color in the apple!